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Harrie Sijbers schilderwerk

Harrie Sijbers ‘Je weet wel waarom, 110x100 cm, olieverf op linnen € 3250

Harrie Sijbers ‘Vibrations in summer’, 100x160 cm, olieverf op linnen € 3850

Harrie Sijbers what a wonderful world’, 100x100 cm, olieverf op linnen € 2850

Harrie Sijbers ‘For my love’, 100x140 cm, olieverf op linnen € 3550 / galerie Hans Persoon

Harrie Sijbers ‘Memories’, 150x150 cm, olieverf op linnen € 4250 sold

Harrie Sijbers ‘Good morning sunshine’, 100x120 cm, olieverf op linnen € 3250 / galerie Kunsthuys Best

Harrie Sijbers, Movements, olieverf op linnen, 120x120 cm € 3550 sold

Harrie Sijbers ‘Daydream’, 100x120 cm, olieverf op linnen € 3250 sold

harrie sijbers, happy days

Harrie Sijbers, Happy days, olieverf op linnen, 140x130 cm € 3850 (in kunstuitleen Hans Persoon)

Harrie Sijbers, Terra verte, olieverf op linnen, 150x150 cm (sold)


Harrie Sijbers, Ik ook van jou, olieverf op linnen 160x140 cm, private collection

Harrie Sijbers about:

This Dutch painter loves moving freely from floral arrangements that are still recognizable as figurative, to others in which the shapes of the flowers have lost their real features, acquiring instead those of a throbbing naturalistic abstraction with intense matter effects. His expressionist paintings show the inner force of colour and of shapes that express feelings, impulses and emotions. Each of his works is resolute in its style and conveys a pictorial liveliness resulting in a unique and innovative perspective – such a rich perspective that it elevates these works to the level of pure aesthetic lyricism.
(New York Arts Magazine)

New York Arts

New Yorks Art Magazine

Harrie Sijbers about:

Harrie Sijbers’ paintings offer a real breath of fresh country air. Born in 1953 in Holland, the artist studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.
His expressive artwork transports us into the floral landscapes we imagine of Holland. The artist’s sensitivity to nature is clear to see.
The blurred composition, exploring innovative perspectives, gives the artwork an abstract feel. The raw, spontaneous movement perfectly conveys the artist’s ecstasy. Often made using a scraper, his artwork is filled with oil paints and has a unique texture, thanks to the high-quality nature of his materials.

Artsper galleries

Harrie Sijbers, horse racing, olieverf op linnen, 100x120 cm € 3400 / galerie Hans Persoon

Harrie Sijbers, Attraction, olieverf op linnen, 120x100 cm €2850

Harrie Sijbers, Flowers in a vase, olieverf op linnen, 90x 70 cm € 1950

harrie sijbers compositie met tulpen

Harrie Sijbers, My garden, olieverf op linnen, 120x120 cm €3150 sold

Harrie Sijbers, Ponteneria, olieverf op linnen, 80x120 cm (sold)

harrie sijbers, runners

Harrie Sijbers, Runners, olieverf op linnen, private collection

Harrie Sijbers, Catch me if I fall, olieverf op linnen, 140x130 cm (sold)

Harrie Sijbers, Angels, olieverf op linnen, 130x100 cm (sold)

Harrie Sijbers, temptation, olieverf op linnen, 120x120 cm € sold

Harrie Sijbers Dreamscape II, 100x120 cm, olieverf op linnen (sold)

Harrie Sijbers, rode tulpen, olieverf op linnen, 100x100 cm € 3150 sold

Harrie Sijbers, Here comes the sun, olieverf op linnen, 100x160 cm (sold)

harrie sijbers, broken promises

Harrie Sijbers, Broken promises, olieverf op linnen, 100x130 cm (sold)